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By Jeffrey Myers

God our Creator, who calls the stars by name and sets the fireflies dancing, who makes the mountains burst into song and emboldens the purple crocus pushing up through the snow, we pause to give deep thanks for the beauty which surrounds us always and for the promise that life goes on.

Set in our hearts a hope more resilient than the coronavirus, and assure us of your power to bring good even out of the most formidable diseases.

God of healing and hope, we pray that you would cool the fevered brow of the sick and speak of love stronger than death to those who lay dying.

Give healing compassion to all who care for the sick, and encourage those facing isolation with your peace-giving presence.

We pray that coronavirus would move us to reflect upon our responsibility, individually and together, in caring for creation.

Let your righteous anger spur us to make the long-overdue changes, so that all of creation might have room to breathe.

Rein in fear, we pray, before it becomes contagious, and nurture trust to form the basis of our dealings with one another. Let the tireless efforts of those on the frontiers of research lead to new and effective treatments, and guide those in positions of power by principles of truth and integrity.

God of tender mercies, we ask humbly that the painful awareness of our own vulnerability lead not to greater fear, but to deeper faith – a faith that nothing in all of creation can separate us from your love – neither today, nor tomorrow. 


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